• Teresa Santana

More Good Days

On average, three days out of seven you are going to experience a bad day. Now that ratio can be said about anything in life, like 12 hours out of 24 the sun will shine on the place of earth you reside on. Well, what isn’t taken into consideration is how close together those days can be, which can then make 3/7 feel like 5/7. Those slim chances are the gateway into a spiral of bad weeks, months, and years. And that’s the struggle I’ve had for the last two months; What do you do when the good, sun-filled days are clouded by a negative spiral thinking? My best friend moved to college, my high school senior year is via digital learning, it is the one year anniversary of the last time I was hospitalized and I am doing prolonged exposure therapy online. It feels like life has crowded my calendar with more anniversaries than opportunities for a positive life worth living.

However, when we begin to recognize that the factual three out of seven proportion leaves us with at least four good days in a week, we can see that those good days have to be made up somewhere else. I trust that these elusive good days will happen almost everyday. Did you catch that? Almost everyday. I must reveal my humanness that I too have awfully hard days. Just today I had a timed essay in class in which I wasn't positive I would get extra time so I spent my whole time stressing only to find out I was guaranteed an extra hour. On top of that it is the end of the quarter at my school and I have at least 3 missing assignments for all 6 of my classes. The point is, these days like today, these are the days I don’t believe in good days.

Why must they come so far apart? Why is it that when they’re happening you can’t tell they are going to count as a good day? I think the answers are very simple; Good days come more often when they’re manifested more often. I’m not suggesting fake it till you make it, but more of something along the lines of hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Not every good day will be great which I think is why good days fly under the radar. We expect so much from the good days that we don’t realize that they have happened until they are done.

So here’s to more good days, may they be recognized and appreciated.

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