• Teresa Santana

Sparkling Speech

Where do you source your light from? Well, for me I source my energy from others and build relationships that last. My greatest skill is personalized communication and making deep connections with multiple individuals. It may seem insignificant or nominal, but to me this the whole foundation and purpose of life. Through the connections we make in our time of existence, we are increasing the expansion rate of our personality and the possibilities of making a life worth living. I have not had the best opportunities in the beginnings of my lifetime for the setup of a positive or generic life. However, with new connections and relationships I am creating better pathways for this envisioned future I have. As I grow into and become a more well rounded version of myself, I strive to learn new things from everyone I encounter; to find the light in all people. I value others’ stories and their past experiences sometimes more than they do. It takes a very open mind to see potential in someone after they have shared a tough tale of their past with you. I feel more people need to share their stories and also be accepting of the stories others choose to share to spread the light in our dark society.

In my neighborhood we have a dog run where the dog enthusiasts of the complex come to gather. This enclosure is where time stands still, so that for one hour of my day I am surrounded by the sparks of energy of stories from those whom I relate to the most. This opportunity is a pure source of energy for me on my darkest of days. I am the youngest of the crew but it’s ok because what I lack in numerical years I make up for in life experiences. These people mean the world to me through their willingness to talk to and welcome a bulky and awkward teenager into their world of communication and relations. I feel like my crappy days turn around when I see the fluffy little potatoes pouncing and wrestling in the yard because I can feel the warm energy they radiate and the happiness they produce. My friends there have seen their fair share of days when the sun is eclipsed and hope feels lost, but they also lead lives of great light bearers. They inspire me through their openness and communication to pull strength I didn’t know I had and find light from inside myself that I didn’t know existed.

So, who, what, or where do you source your light from? Who do you think sources light and love from you? I can bet you there is at least 1 person who today saw you and felt a spark of light.

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